About company

Dear partners!

The company "GRINPOINT" is the leading operator and producer on the market of ingredients for meat processing enterprises in Ukraine. The production was founded in 2009. The range of our products includes:

functional, complex mixtures, flavoring additives for all types of meat products ( GRINSTAB, Ukraine (own production))
dyes (TM "Bioline", Russia)
soybean proteins
fermented rice

Our customers are more than one hundred of the producers of meat products in Ukraine. There are the leaders of the meat market among them, such as

Golubinsky MK, Litinsky MK, Massar-Agro, Bukovina Meat, Novozhanovsky MK, Rogansky MK, group of companies Saltovsky MK (Berdyansk MK, Bogodukhivsky MK, Saltovsky MK), World of Meat, Ukrainian MK, Favorit Plus, Chuguiv MK, Jubilee and many others.

The company "GRINPOINT" successfully exports its own production to the CIS countries (Russia, Belarus).


Following the international standards in the sphere of food safety, the company has implemented a system for managing food safety and quality which is based on the principles of HACCP, SSTU, ISO 22000: 2007. The company "GRINPOINT" is also certified according to the international quality management standard ISO 9001 - 2008.

The company "GRINPOINT" has brought its technical specifications in accordance with the state standards "SSTU 4427:2005 Smoked sausage and jerked sausage ","ISO 4435:2005 Half-smoked sausage ","ISO 4436:2005 Boiled sausages, sausages, meat bread, " "ISO 4529: 2006 Boiled meat of poultry and the rabbits' meat ","ISO 4530:2006 Half-smoked sausage of poultry ", "ISO 4532:2006 Boiled-smoked sausages of poultry ", "ISO 4591:2006 Boiled-smoked sausages".

The delivery to the regions is carried out by any convenient carrier ("New Mail", "Delivery", "Autolux", "Night Express", etc.).

The form of cooperation is legally confirmed by supply contracts.