Grinstab С 24

Стабилизационная система на основе альгинатов для вареных и п/к колбас, сосисок, сарделек

Stabilization system based on alginates for boiled and h/s sausages, sausages, sausages. It is used for cooking meat pellets (1:10:17) in a cold way. It allows to avoid fatty streaks in the finished product. It reduces the syneresis of the finished product. Dosage:

  • on the production of meat pellets (mixture: meat raw materials: moisture) - 1: 5: 25
  • analogue of lard (mixture: fatty raw material: moisture) - 1:10:20
  • in a dry form for sausage products - up to 1.5% at hydration 1:10.

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